How we can help

Holistic Hypnotherapy combines traditional complementary therapies with Hypnotherapy techniques to provide an effective process to help remove problems in your life.

This gentle technique coaxes rather than bullies a long lasting release from a variety of conditions in a less formal setting.

This can be particularly useful for addressing:

Stress, Depression and Anxiety relief  :  Feel calm and happy again

Fears and Phobias  :  Release from irrational fears of insects, flying,                                                           open or closed spaces etc etc

Stop Smoking  :  Quit once and for all for health and family benefits

Weight Management : Stop the see-saw diet routine

Confidence & Motivation : Feel relaxed and energised

Relationships : Resolve issues and looking forward

Insomnia and Sleep disorders :  Return to a good night’s restful sleep

Obsessive Compulsion Disorder (OCD) : Remove the cravings that govern your life