What will you do to me ?

Receiving an Holistic Hypnotherapy treatment is a pleasant experience and you will feel so much better afterwards, refreshed and calm. There is absolutely no need for concern and you remain in charge of proceedings throughout so you can stop the session at anytime and if you would like a Chaperone to accompany you then that is perfectly fine.

On arrival and after introductions, toilet visit if required, you will be shown into our treatment room where you will be ask to recline on a very comfortable couch with suitable head and back support.

In this room you will be safe, warm and of course there is no need to disrobe but we will ask you to remove your shoes. You can be covered with a blanket if you wish.

If you are in agreement we prefer to carry out treatments in candlelight to ensure we have a calm and peaceful environment to work in, however, if this is uncomfortable for you the room can be fully illuminated and you might like to wear an eye mask to minimise the glare.

We play some appropriate background music to support the treatment

All you have to do is close your eyes, relax and listen to our words. If you need to move about during the session then that is perfectly OK too, it’s important that you remain, comfortable and receptive throughout.

We shall slowly relax you, simply by talking, and deliver you into a deep receptive state of mind to hear the suggestions that we shall offer to resolve your reasons for coming to us for help. You will be fully aware of what is happening and in total control of your actions at all times. Very similar to dreaming.

Clinical Hypnosis is not like the stage acts you may have seen on television. Although our suggestions are directed to your subconscious mind it is necessary for you to be aware so that you can receive and digest what is being proposed.

After the session you will be completely ‘awake’ and feel fully refreshed.

The suggestions we provide to address your issue will remain in your subconscious mind and will be automatically activated when the need arises for the rest of your life.

It may take 2/3 sessions to fully embed these improvements depending on what your problem is.

Your future can be improved with the use of this safe technique.